Back in 2001, I wanted to create a virtual version of a Victorian home here in Riverside California like a video game but of a real, renovated, historically accurate Victorian home from 1902. Given the bandwidth limitations and limited low cost game design software at the time, I switched to creating a virtual tour of the home and the grounds using Equi-rectangular (spherical) panoramas. Took me about 6 months using a film SLR and a special tripod head for the camera.After I taught myself HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, etc, I created a complete, ready to use series of web pages that I gave to the museum for use on their website. Although the tech is dated, I’m happy to say the panoramic virtual tour is still in use today. Today, I’d use one of many free 3d modeling progams, game design & publishing software and even the newer cloud based photogrammic photos-to-3d models software to more closely realize my original idea. Although, I think it would probably take me more than 6 months by myself. If only there were some enterprising middle-school or high school students interested in learning the craft while creating engaging content for their local Museums and such… 🙂

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