Congresswoman Anna Eshoo on U.S Safer Internet Day 2015

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo who represents much of Silicon Valley on her support of Safer Internet Day and ConnectSafely. It was Rep. Eshoo who, in 2014, wrote the critical letter to the European Commission that assured ConnectSafely’s appointment as U.S. Safer...

One Good Thing: Zoe – Ill.

I love teaching teachers 🙂 So it sure was exciting to show my English teacher how to create an awesome innovative presentation on Prezi. Now he calls me the “prezi master.” Share your One Good Thing.

One Good Thing: Jaylen – Ill.

I helped my mom the other day with figuring out stuff on the computer. Such as using facebook, what are ads and viruses and when to spot a scam. Share your One Good Thing.