Safer Internet Day 2024

Program for Families

Safer Internet Day is an excellent time for families to pause and talk about internet safety and wellness.

Feb. 6

Smart Digital Parenting: Navigating Screens with Children & Teens

The internet opens the world up for our kids….but sometimes that can mean parts of the world we don’t want them to experience. Proactively setting boundaries and expectations for healthy online behaviors within families is important, but having these conversations is not always easy. Kids want to be granted the freedom to navigate their online lives independently and often know more about technology than their parent or caregiver.

This virtual session hosted in partnership with National PTA will explore:

  • generative AI and what it means for your family
  • impact of influencers and celebrities
  • when kids feel left out
  • talking to kids and teens about difficult topics
  • pressure to be perfect
  • online bullying & harassment


Kerry Gallagher ConnectSafely education director
Mikki Wilson PTA Connected National Ambassador