Advice for Parents & Guardians

ConnectSafely spoke with experts from leading tech companies and nonprofits about apps, issues and how parents can help kids stay safe and thrive online.

General Advice

Smart Digital Parenting: Navigating Screens with Children and Teens

No Room for Doom: Helping Your Family Thrive in Our Digital Age

Apps & Services

Family and Child Safety with AI and Amazon Kids

Virtual Reality Safety Tips from Meta Safety Execs

4 Minutes with TikTok: Safety Advice for Families

Discord: What Parents Need to Know and How to Keep Teens Safe

4 Minutes with Snapchat: Safety Advice for Families

Roblox Safety and Civility with Laura Higgins 

Snapchat’s Online Safety, Risks and Civility Survey

Understanding Amazon & Alexa Parental Controls

Staying Safe on Instagram and other Meta Platforms

Instagram’s Vaishnavi J on Healthy Body Image Online

A Chat with ZEPETO’s New Spokesavatar Soteria


Technology and Teen Mental Health and Well-Being

ReThink App Founder Trisha Prabhu Talks Kindness

Misinformation and Disinformation: How to Spot It

Talking to Kids and Teens About Real-World Violence Online and in the News

How to Protect Your Personal Information Online

Protecting Kids and Teens from Online “Sextortion”

Pediatrician Michael Rich on “Non-Screen Time”

Sextortion: How to Recover if the Worst Happens

What Parents Need to Know about Cyberbullying