“Role Reversal” Student Activity – Info for Judges


The purpose of this program is to capture the expertise of high school and middle school students on some of the big issues facing technology companies and Internet safety organizations. Students are the ones dealing with these issues and we need to empower them to help find the solutions. All of their work (not just the winners) will be shared during Safer Internet Day but throughout the year by ConnectSafely and our partners on our websites and through other media.

Groups of five students will work together on one of these eight problems. The students will develop a solution for each question, that can be implemented locally or nationally  Students will review the questions and video and article resources meant to provide context and background for each question ahead of time. They’ll find out which question they will be challenged to answer on Safer Internet Day at the event, and will outline their proposals on butcher paper, which will be photographed and later transcribed and posted at SaferInternetDay.us and ConnectSafely.org.

One winning group for each problem will be selected by you, our expert judge/coaches. The winning group will earn a plaque to be displayed at their school and will be highlighted in a nationally and internationally circulated press release and at ConnectSafely.org and SaferInternetDay.us.

Your Role

  • Each judge will be assigned ONE question and will be charged with coaching/encouraging 7-8 groups as they to come up with solutions. Each table of 10 will have two groups working on different questions. You will identify your groups by color-coded signs on the tables.
  • During the event you will visit your 7-8 tables and help students get past mental roadblocks. You’ll act as a coach and supporter as they build their solution. Encourage them to think about motivation and branding.
  • Take a photo of each group’s solution (it will be on the butcher paper) with your mobile device. Judges will be able to retreat to a room to do their judging during lunch.

Criteria for Judging

  • Clearly defines the issue
  • Clearly identifies the solution
  • Realistic for implementation in community/school & (potentially) beyond
  • Likely to motivate others to participate
  • Considers fundraising and costs

Announcing Your Winner

  • Judges will have 2-4 minutes (no MORE) to announce their winner.
  • 1 winner group per question. Winners get a plaque for display at school and a national press release in the days that follow the event.
  • All participants will be recognized and thanks for their contributions,