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Safer Internet Day with your family


Safer Internet Day is a good time for families to talk about how they use the internet. Safety is important, but also talk about the fun and useful things you’re doing online. It’s a great time to ask your children and teens about their favorite apps and sites and what they do to protect their privacy and safety. Make it a conversation — not a lecture or inquisition — and be open to talking about your own use of technology and how you deal with challenges.

While it’s a good idea to step away from your devices during at least part of the conversation, you might want to watch some of our videos together or on your own to educate yourself about the apps and services your kids use and some of the issues we all face. 

To that end, ConnectSafely offers short Quick-Guides, more extensive parent and educator guides and videos with issue experts and experts from the companies that make the apps your kids use. 

For more advice on popular apps and how to talk with your kids about online safety, join our free virtual event for parents on Feb. 7 hosted in partnership with National PTA.

First Device Campaign

The First Device campaign is intended to spark open communication about online safety to encourage young children to use technology responsibly. Resources for families include videos and conversation starters. The First Device campaign is a project of Power of Zero in partnership with ConnectSafely.

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Quick-Guides from ConnectSafely

Short (one page back to back if printed) on: TikTok, Instagram, Roblox, Snapchat, Cyberbullying, Hate Speech, Teen Sexting, Misinformation & Media Literacy, Ransomware, Passwords, Cybersecurity, Creativity & Copyright, Safe Online Shopping, Online Seniors & more.

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Parent Guides from ConnectSafely

A comprehensive library of 8-10 page guides on popular services your kids and teens use, including TikTok, Instagram, Roblox, Discord & more as well as important issues like cyberbullying, teen sexting, hate speech, LBGTQ cyberbullying, tech for tots, cybersecurity, educational technology.

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Videos from ConnectSafely

ConnectSafely videos about apps and issues, including staying safe on Instagram, Meta Reality Labs, Snapchat, TikTok, Amazon Kids, Roblox and more as well as mental health & well-being, online security, kindness & civility, protecting against sextortion and fighting misinformation.

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Explore topics we’re focusing on this year.

Click on each box for more resources, including discussion prompts and questions.

Generative AI

Generative AI



Picking on Peers

Picking on Peers

Wellness, Identity & Self-Respect

Wellness, Identity & Self-Respect

Scams, Predators & Creeps

Scams, Predators & Creeps

Media Literacy & Critical Thinking

Media Literacy / Critical Thinking

Thanks for joining us for Safer Internet Day!