One Good Thing: Students at Elisabeth Morrow School – N.J.

A machinima (video taken in a virtual world, in this case Minecraft) of 6th and 7th graders sharing their One Good Thing as their avatars

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Hi I’m interested in computer courses to study, today I spoke to someone from one of the unis I was interested in one of the courses were more about designing and the other practical and more technical fixing and support the system. I’m really intere…


The first piece is geotagging each blog post on some sort of map… The second piece is meshing those points on a map with other people. Essentially we’d like several members of our team to provide updates regularly and post their locations to the sam…

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Ok so I have looked around a lot on this matter and I keep finding stuff like VNC (or VNSea) that allows you to access the computers on your WiFi network, but all of these require you to install something onto the computer itself. Is there a way to acc…