Mikki Wilson, PTA Connected National Ambassador

Mikki Wilson is a brand coach and business consultant who is passionate about education, connection, and entrepreneurship. With extensive experience as a solo CMO for small businesses, she empowers entrepreneurs and CEOs to amplify their value and visibility through innovative strategies.  Through her innovative strategies and unwavering commitment, Mikki continues to empower individuals and communities, creating meaningful impact at the intersection of education and business.

Mikki played a pivotal role in revitalizing the Massachusetts PTA Reflections program, expanding participation, forging strong community partnerships, and transforming the Reflections Awards into an immersive experience that showcases student artists in art museums statewide. Her dedication to the program has also resulted in increased PTA membership. She has also served as a Board Member for National PTA

Beyond her PTA involvement, Mikki is a dedicated volunteer, particularly in the fields of arts education, youth development, and entrepreneurship. With nearly two decades of marketing strategy experience, she has successfully driven growth and productivity for small businesses in various industries. Her passion for education, connection, and entrepreneurship makes her an invaluable advocate and collaborator.