Generative AI

We’re hearing a lot about generative AI services like ChatGPT, the new Microsoft Bing and Google Bard along with new AI features in social media like Instagram and Snapchat. There’s a lot of excitement about the potential of this revolutionary new technology but — like all technologies — there are also risks. Our resources explain the uses and benefits of generative AI along with the risks and how to manage them.

  • Middle School – Generative AI can be a useful and fun tool. How can we use it ethically?
  • High School – How can generative AI fit into our work while ensuring the work is truly our own?


Lesson Plans

Middle School Lesson Plan

High School Lesson Plan

Parent Guide

Parent’s Guide to Generative AI

Slide Deck

Generative AI: Reaping Rewards and Reducing Risks


Ask Trish: AI Rules & Regulations

AI Makes Mistakes, But Could It Destroy Us?

Ask Trish: New York Times Vs. Open AI

AI Has Risks But Can Also Make Us Safer

Other Great Resources

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