Avery Wagar

High School Student

Twitter: @ajmwagar
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ajmwagar

Avery is a student at Ballard High School (class of 2021) studying computer science and digital filmmaking and exploring the intersection of both through virtual reality and immersive/360° content. Avery is the founder and president of BVR Club, Ballard’s immersive technology club and was the first ninth-grader to enroll in AP computer science at Ballard. Avery is the creator of AstroVR (formerly StarVR), a virtual reality astronomy simulator that won best overall engineering project at the 2016-17 Seattle Public Schools eighth grade district science and engineering fair. Avery is the co-founder and lead developer of Outrigger, an email productivity application promoting inbox life balance, and a student representative on the Information Technology Advisory Committee for Seattle Public Schools. In March of 2019, Avery will be a panelist discussing virtual reality in education at SXSW EDU in Austin, Texas. Avery has participated in numerous hackathons across various technologies and taught software development to underrepresented high school students. When not in front of a computer programming or editing film, or immersed in VR, Avery enjoys photography, cycling, drinking coffee, gathering around a campfire, and long walks with the family dog.