What You Can Do DRAFT

one-good-thing-web1There are so many ways to celebrate Safer Internet Day. Here’s just a handful of examples:

  • Share one good thing you’ve done or are planning to do to make the Internet a better place – or the world a better place using the Internet or a mobile phone – then click here to tell us about it so we can add it to the US’s celebration!
  • Have a class discussion about what citizenship means now, in a digital age and connected world.
  • Have your family talk over dinner about how to grow kindness and respect online and on phones.
  • Either by yourself or with friends, stand up for someone who’s being treated unkindly in social media – or just be a good listener or helper.
  • Before February 11, encourage your school club or team to think of way it can make the Internet a better place and see if you can make it go viral.
  • As other students have done, create a “friend zone” during lunchtime – a table where new students or marginalized students have people they feel comfortable having lunch with. Then you and other organizers make a video telling us about it; upload it here.
  • Organize a family tech night at your school, library, senior center or place of worship and have teens teach parents and other adults how to use social media (social networking sites, apps, online games, kids’ virtual worlds, etc.)
  • Contact your local newspaper and radio and TV stations to see if they’d like to cover Safer Internet Day and tell them the “one good thing” you and your friends are doing to celebrate it.
  • Email us an idea YOU have for celebrating Safer Internet Day or making cyberspace a great place to be!

Please share this page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they can participate too. Thank you for joining us in celebrating Safer Internet Day!