Video from Safer Internet Day 2014 event

Here are three videos from Safer Internet Day US 2014. Please scroll down to watch student panel, industry panel, Senator Charles Schumer’s address and a talk by Jenny Menna from the Department of Homeland Security.

Student panel (1:20)

Youth Views on Using the Net & Social Media and Making Them Better

Moderator: Dan Tynan, Yahoo Tech
Panelists: Arielle Ampeh, Va.; Will Ashe, Va.; Zoe Parks, Ill.; David Rojas, D.C.; Hannah Thompson, D.C.; Dursey Wade, Mich.

Industry panel (51:36)

Social Media Providers Talk with Teens about Social Media

Moderator: Aidan McDaniel, student, W. Va.
Panelists: Nicky Jackson Colaco, Facebook/Instagram; Del Harvey, Twitter; Jamie Hill, Google/YouTube; Glenn Kaleta, Xbox Live; Joe Stanley, Yahoo/Tumblr

Senator Charles Schumer (19:30)

Jenny Menna
Director of the Stakeholder Engagement and Cyber Infrastructure Resilience Division,
Department of Homeland Security