Dear Educator,

ConnectSafely is pleased to invite you to create your own Safer Internet Day program for use the second week of February. Safer Internet Day is February 7th but your program can run any days that week.You can pick the topics based on what your local needs, you can use one or more of ConnectSafely’s five main 2023 topic areas or you can browse through our extensive library of internet safety resources that cover all major internet safety topic areas.

You are welcome to use any of our videos, lesson plans, discussion points, presentations, guides and quick-guides

All we ask is that you let us know what you plan to do and follow up with a report on how it went. You don’t have to give us a lot of detail but we do want to know your basic plans and whether it’s OK for us to share those with others on our website.

Here are all the links you’ll need to run a successful program. We look forward to hearing about your awesome plans

Larry Magid
CEO ConnectSafely

Important links

2023 Student Program

Our Student Program contains a how video from education director Kerry Gallagher, with classroom lessons, activities and resources for our main topic areas, including:

    • Media Literacy and Critical Thinking
    • Civility
    • Picking on peers (aka cyberbullying)
    • Wellness, identity & Self-Respect
    • Scams, Predators & Creeps

ConnectSafely Guides and Quick-Guides

An extensive library of short (1 sheet of paper) Quick Guides and longer guides covering such topics as:
Teen Sexting
Misinformation & Media Literarcy
Hate speech
Creativity & Copyright
Secure passwords