National PTA Resources

The Smart Talk

Using a series of guided questions, this online tool allows kids ages 5-18 to actively participate in setting limits around device use, digital safety, privacy, communication, health and wellness, and media choices. The end result is a personalized family technology agreement that is created based on individual responses.

Be Internet Awesome Family Guide

Organizes digital citizenship into five areas to make it an easy family conversation.

  • Be Internet Smart = share with care.
  • Be Internet Alert = don’t fall for a fake.
  • Be Internet Strong = protect your secrets.
  • Be Internet Kind = it’s cool to be kind.
  • Be Internet Brave = when in doubt, talk it out.

Five Tips to Help Your Teen Navigate Their Online Experiences

Explains what support teens really value from trusted adults as they navigate their online experience.

Tips for Building Belonging in the Digital Space

Outlines how to create a welcoming and accepting online environment for everyone.

Healthy Minds Tips for Helping Kids Cope

Includes strategies to help kids identify their feelings, prepare for life’s challenges, build resiliency, process strong emotions, feel supported, and meaningfully engage with the world around them.

Get PTA Connected in Your Community

PTA Connected provides turn-key education and programming for PTA leaders to use locally to address digital safety, citizenship, wellbeing, readiness and access within school communities, homes and families.  National PTA provides PTA leaders with as many resources as possible to support running programmatic events within your community without having to be a technology expert yourself.

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