Laura Bay

President, National PTA

Laura Bay was installed as president of National PTA at the 2015 National PTA Convention and Expo. From 2013-2015, Bay served as president-elect of the association. Prior to her election, she served a two-year term as secretary-treasurer and served on the National PTA Board of Directors as well as the finance, field service and organizational viability committees. Bay is a passionate advocate for education and children’s issues and believes that PTA is the organization which actively supports and promotes parent, teacher and community involvement in child and education issues.

Ever since entering a kindergarten classroom with her oldest son more than 20 years ago, Bay’s dedication to PTA has become a passion. Bay was involved in local unit, council and regional PTA activities for many years and served in a variety of PTA positions—from committee member/chair to president. She was also an active parent at each school building and at the district level—serving as a parent voice at staff meetings and on budget committees.

Bay believes that the power of this association is found in the passionate and diverse volunteers who share a common desire to reach out and engage parents, support their community in voicing their needs concerning education and health and safety issues and grow as leaders prepared to advocate anywhere, at any time.