Learning to listen to and communicate with people we may not agree with or understand are essential skills online and for future voters. Encourage learners to bring a mindset of curiosity and respect to these interactions without being confrontational.

  • Younger Children – When people choose unkind words, how can we help them take a different approach and have a more positive mindset during a tough time?
  • Middle School – How can we learn from people who are different from us? Why is it important for us to learn from people who are different from us?
  • High School – How can we talk with people who we disagree with? What is the difference between a question that is based in curiosity compared to a question that is based in confrontation?



Lesson Plans

“I Take Care of Others”

Elementary School Lesson Plan

Middle School Lesson Plan

High School Lesson Plan.

Quick-Guides & Guides

Parent’s & Educator’s Quick-Guide to Hate Speech

Parent’s and Educator’s Guide to Combatting Hate Speech


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