Carrie Neill, National PTA Connected Ambassador

Carrie Neill is a past member of the National PTA Board and currently serves as the chair of the Leadership Committee. A dedicated advocate for children, families and teachers, Neill has also served in her local PTA for nine years in multiple board roles and has chaired her local PTA’s event, literacy, appreciation and membership committees.

Carrie Neill is a School Board Vice Chair and heavily involved with her School Districts policy, wellness, social-emotional learning, COVID-19 task force, technology and communications committees. She is also an active member of the New Hampshire School Boards Association and National School Boards Association.

Professionally, Neill works in the Marketing, Digital Design and Social Media Communications field. She feels it fuels her passion and belief in the importance of effective communication as a cornerstone for any organizations success.

Born in South Korea, Neill was adopted and came to the US in 1987. She officially became an American Citizen that same year, and now serves as a Mentor for adoptees and their adoptive families.

In 2019, Neill received the New Hampshire Volunteerism Award for Non-Profits for her efforts in multiple local organizations dedicated to education.

She is passionate about educational legislation and policy reform, both locally and nationally. She currently serves on multiple education committees for the State of NH Department of Education.

Neill believes in supporting the whole student through engaging communities to work together and bridging the gap between school, guardians and the community to best serve our youth. She is a proud parent to three girls, a dog and two cats.