Anne Schoemaker

Anne Shoemaker
Game Designer

Twitter: @Mtzta_

Anne’s story clearly illustrates that online gaming might be the best way to get more girls interested in technology, game development and coding. Both of Anne’s parents are engineers and tried to get her to learn code from the age of 8, but she wasn’t interested. She then started playing on Roblox in 2011 when she was bored one day looking for something fun to occupy her time, and later on tried creating her own games in Roblox Studio. Once her first game was ready, she told her friends about it and started playing with them.

Quickly after she found that a lot of players stumbled into the game and loved playing it. She felt quite excited and realized that game development was for her. Fast forward to now: Anne has already had the opportunity to be part of Roblox’s accelerator (an internship program for Roblox developers), released two games and is working on a third right now for her current internship at Roblox. 

She soon plans to open her own indie studio and create meaningful games that will help lead the next generation to a brighter future, and for now her very successful My Droplets game is quickly gaining new fans on Roblox with 18.5 million plays and counting.