Student Questions: SID 2016

Here is a list of questions that students will be asked at SID 2016. These questions are being given to students in advance so that they will answer during the breakout session titled “Role Reversal: Students School Us.” Student proposals will be evaluated by the adult coaches and judges and winners will be presented toward the end of the program.


  • What do we want to say to our parents and teachers about kids’ use of technology?
  • Sexting — Is it a problem? Why do people do it? How can we educate each other about the risks?
  • What are some simple things people can do to protect themselves when online?
  • How do we achieve better balance in our lives between school, family, friends, activities and our use of tech?
  • What are our rights and responsibilities as creators and consumers of digital media/content?
  • How can school counselors and administrators support students when they make mistakes posting on social media (pictures that jeopardize reputation of self or others, dealing with cyberbullying, etc.)?  
  • How can we encourage empathy and support among our peers? What about among teachers and other adults?
  • What can teenagers do to support others in their efforts to adopt and use technology safely and productively (siblings, seniors, community members, etc.)