Press Coverage U.S Safer Internet Day 2014



Alyssa Milano (2.66 million Twitter followers)

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William Shatner (1.7 million followers) tweeted about One Good Thing Campaign


William Shatner (Wikicommons)

CBS News tweeted about Larry’s Reporters Notebook

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Huffington Post (3.66 million followers tweeted about one of Larry’s SID stories

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.39.50 AM tweeted the article we secured to its 497K followers

Chuck Schumer also linked to the piece on both his Twitter (79K followers) and Facebook (44K fans) pages – and he tweeted about his experience in real time, which we assume you saw as well.

The Autodesk Student Community posted about Safer Internet Day to both Twitter (75.8K followers) and Facebook (2.2M fans) as a result of our outreach

Influential EdTech and Digital Citizenship blogger Erin Klein shared the news as a result of outreach:







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